SYSQIT core customers are financial institutions, such as banks and credit card companies. We supply the Combi card, Java card, SCOSTA cards, RSBY cards, DL cards, NREGA cards, Pension Cards, which satisfy the international financial IC card standard, EMV standard, SCOSTA standards, to all domestic financial institutions, as well as abroad.

SYSQIT supplies smart cards domestically and overseas, based on advanced technology, and it has the best supply records among domestic companies. Using our products and solutions, financial institutions and solution providers are providing their customers with more diverse financial and extra services.
Protecting against the ever-present danger of security breaches, loopholes that could harm both personnel and corporate networks is a primary concern for leaders in the financial services industry.

The first step in protecting people and information is controlling physical access to offices and buildings through authorized credential checkpoints. Delivering multiple layers of protection, a system may have to account for employees, visitors and other tenants. A security solution may have to be operational 24/7/365 and handle multiple global formats.

The importance of security in all banking and payment industry has grown tremendously. Improved security can enable more efficient back-office operations and customer service. SYSQIT’s offerings encompass the industry’s broadest range of EMV smart card products; SCOSTA payment cards products, Cash Cards, Contactless smartcards for payment, Payment terminals, Core Banking cards worldwide.

The case for EMV migration in many countries has been based on fraud prevention. It is much more difficult to clone or counterfeit an EMV card and the introduction of chip and PIN has directly tackled lost and stolen fraud. Prepaid smart cards represent zero credit risk to the card issuer since the funds available for purchases are authorised and allocated in advance, sometimes stored in a ‘shadow account’ in the issuer’s system, and the amount of the prepaid available balance is held on the card and is reduced each time a purchase is made. When the card is topped up with prepaid value, EMV technology is used to update the available balance on the card. The card can therefore be used to make off‐line purchases with no risk to the card issuer, since the prepaid available balance held on the card cannot be exceeded.

SYSQIT is a market leading company in India offering Payment Cards, Cards Personalisation, Cards Artwork and Printing, Payment Solutions, Payment Terminals, EMV Training, EMV Migrations, Trainings and Consulting Services, Test Tools, Cards Printers, Test Services for global customers for a diverse range of banking, retail and payment industries. SYSQIT develop cutting edge products and business leveraging solutions in Core banking, financial securities, secure payments, Bio authenticated payment, Contactless payment and Mobile payment. SYSQIT works with you to ensure trust in technology, the technology your business relies on.


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