SYSQIT deliver all ranges of SIM cards, 3G cards, personalisation tools, applications for its telecom clients worldwide. We deliver GSM cards, 3G cards, CDMA cards with varieties of customised applications for telecom operators and solution providers. SYSQIT provide hardware and software solutions and testing services for telecom products deployments.

SYSQIT’s expertise in developing and commercializing SIM and USIM cards for mobile communication, which are loaded with various extra functionalities for this IC chip. We provide solutions and verities of services those can be used in a safe way, including mobile banking and giving a mobile credit card and transportation card function.

SYSQIT deliver leading-edge technology and offer our customers comprehensive solutions for GSM, CDMA, UMTS and UMTS+

 Telecom Cards
  • 2G SIM Cards
  • 3G USIM Cards
  • CDMA Cards
  • GPRS Cards
  • VAS
  • WIB, S@T, Celltick

 Telecom Tools
  • Telecom Cards Printing
  • Telecom Cards Personalisation
  • Phonebook Backup

 Telecom Solutions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mass Messaging
  • Security & Fire Alarm Messaging
  • Testing Services
  • End to End testing

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